The Bastard Sons FEATURE

Created by Actor/Director/Producer Kevin Interdonato The Bastard Sons tells the story of Small-town gangsters as they seek revenge on the family, after an inside job leaves their Boss killed.

STATUS: Completed/Distribution

SCreenRant - The Bastard sons trailer offers a vengeance-fueled tale that tests loyal bonds

Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive first look at the trailer for The Bastard Sons, which is set to release in July. The indie crime thriller has been acquired by Cranked Up Films, which serves as the genre arm of indie distributor Good Deed Entertainment.

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The gruesome gangster drama jersey has been waiting for 

Jersey roots may run deep, but the state’s cinematic legacy remains shallow. Aside from a scattering of suburban stories (Garden State, Paterson, amongst others), the “armpit” of America has lacked a strong presence on the big screen.

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The Bastard Sons - Behind the scenes review by Anthony nadeau

The power struggle is real here, but Vincent has no issues with his crew, they are about as tight a group as I have seen. The tension really builds up slowly as Vincent and his group leave nothing to chance, making sure the message is loud & clear.  The Bastard Sons is a ticking time bomb!

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