Created By: Joseph Sernio & DJ Higgins
Producer/Exec Producer: Joseph Sernio
Status: Completed | 65+ Festival Awards | 2024 VOD Release 

In the gripping narrative miniseries “Loved,” we follow the turbulent journey of Harold, an unhinged plumber who jeopardizes his career and risks imprisonment after discovering his wife in an intimate encounter with another man. Venturing through the California desert in his camper, he passionately directs his anger and anguish towards a framed picture of his wife, seated beside him. In his fervent proclamations, he justifies his actions as acts of protection and fidelity to their wedding vows.

Harold steadfastly believes it’s his moral duty to shield his wife from further temptation and the clutches of the devil. He invokes the teachings of the church and its values as his guiding principles, willing to sacrifice his life to safeguard hers, as well as their daughter and their family.

Harold Clemmings’ life underwent a seismic transformation on that fateful Wednesday night. He bore no fear of incarceration, having spent two years behind bars during his youth. What tormented him most was the sight of his wife, Hannah, engaged in an intimate act with Jim within their camper. It struck a painful chord because he had proposed to her on a Wednesday night, a day they held sacred. Every Wednesday, for countless years, he had showered her with flowers. Witnessing her intimacy with another man, an experience he himself had long yearned for, seemed to have only one solution in Harold’s mind. Yet, his love for Hannah remained unwavering, intense, and unwavering. He took pride in being her guardian angel and was ready to go to any length to protect her.

As we journey alongside Harold in his frantic desert drive, we observe a man in the throes of despair, intoxicated and distraught. He desperately vents his emotions towards the picture of his wife on the passenger’s seat, engaging in fervent arguments with this inanimate representation of “her.” In his tortured state, he contends that he committed acts of violence in the name of love. We witness Harold, consumed by anger and disillusionment, having surreal conversations with an inanimate object, depicting the depths of his emotional turmoil.

Loved The Movie Short Film Film Threat Review

Film threat - "starts harold at the heightened level of anger and just builds from there"

Loved is one of those examples of taking a story that’s been playing in your head for a while and put it on film and push your skills of storytelling and filmmaking to make it compelling.

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