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need help Marketing your IndependeNT film?

independent film marketing

Looking for assistance in promoting your independent film, series, or pitch? Look no further than Holly Lake Films. We recognize the passion and dedication independent filmmakers invest in their projects, just as we do. Understanding the constraints of smaller budgets compared to larger corporations, we offer a variety of options tailored to suit every marketing budget. Going on 15+ years running and owning one of the most successful Marketing Firms, our team knows exactly what's needed and not needed to help promote you or your projects. Our skilled team comprises web designers, web developers, design experts, PR and content writers, as well as specialists in all areas of digital marketing and Social Media, ensuring a comprehensive approach to promoting your creative endeavor. 


Our team has partnerships with the top leading printing companies to assist with all your print marketing requirements. Whether you need postcards, posters, business cards, greeting cards, or any other print materials, we've got you covered at a significantly lower cost than elsewhere. Our pricing is specifically designed with creators like you in mind, acknowledging the budget constraints faced by filmmakers without the backing of corporate-sized funds. We share the same passion as fellow filmmakers and understand the challenges. Rest assured, we are here to support and guide you in getting your film or project the attention it deserves. 

press releases & pr marketing

We maintain close partnerships and direct access to multiple PR firms, enabling us to generate significant momentum for your film project. Whether you're an actor promoting yourself or a filmmaker with a new project, we can facilitate the organization of PR and Digital PR campaigns across major networks and prominent publications.

WHY Holly Lake Films

There's three things I am passionate about. My girl Hollywood "Holly" the lab, the lake, and films but I'm also passionate about helping others succeed.

Hi, I'm Joseph Sernio. Beyond my love for acting and film, I've been an entrepreneur for the past two decades, constructing and developing various companies. I did not attend any prestigious schools or take fancy business classes.. I barely graduated high school, but my journey has been one of continuous learning.. learning by doing.. learning through failure.

Through this process, I've built a very successful marketing company with a dedicated team of developers, designers, digital marketers, and more. I've also forged partnerships with major print companies, PR firms, publications, and industry businesses. Now, I am applying and introducing these incredible resources into the Holly Lake Films family.

Whether you're a filmmaker, actor, producer, or anyone else under the Holly Lake Films umbrella, I want to be sure you have access to the same incredible resources for your projects. As indie filmmakers, we don't have the massive budgets of major studios, and I understand that because I'm right there with you.

Reach out to Holly Lake Films, and let us assist you in promoting and marketing your independent project. Whether it's digital, print or just good ole advice.. We're here.